Photography by Casa Fumetti


An interior enthousiast's dream has come true! We bought a house and started renovating. How exciting! It is a corner house built in the 1800s with a whopping 340m2 divided over four floors located in the centre of the Hague. It has many original details left but in our opinion, it needs some loving.  

So let me write a few things about the reno project. As all renovations, we started with a few small ideas and adjustments and ended up with quite a large renovation project. The project has now officially kicked off (the contractors are breaking out walls as we speak) and I decided to report about progress on this blog. To summarise the purpose of the project; our aim is to make the house more user friendly, a little smarter, upgrade some of the structural features and last but not least look according to our style and taste. With this in mind, interior architect KT71 made a design for our house which tries to optimise the rooms and their functions, implement more unanimity in terms of style throughout the house and remove unnecessary structural elements to create a more clean and efficient home that fits our needs.

To explain the new layout:

  • Ground Floor: Entrance / Mud Room / Living Room / Dining Room / Kitchen /  Garden / (new) Stairs to wine cellar / Guest Washroom
  • First Floor: Master Bedroom / Ensuite Bathroom / Dressing Room (Yes! A room! OMG!) / Office / Separate Washroom
  • Second Floor: 3 Bedrooms / Bathroom
  • Third Floor: Au-Pair Room / Guest Room / Bathroom / Laundry Room

Below an impression from the outside, as well as a hint of the staircase. The major works include replacing all windows, moving, breaking out or placing new walls, moving fireplaces and renewing behind-the-wall wires and pipes. But....it will be amazing!

HOUSE TOUR • Casa Fumetti Toronto Chapter

Photography by Casa Fumetti

Welcome to our Canadian home. My husband and I had the pleasure of owning this beautiful home in the best neighbourhood in Toronto; cabbage town. We truly miss this Victorian beauty, which we decorated with a Northern European twist. 

NEW COLLECTION • Marimekko Fall + Winter 2016

Photography by Marimekko

We are not ready to say goodbye to summer yet, however Marimekko’s fall/winter 2016 home collection gives us a gentle introduction to the beauty of the fall and beyond. It is exploring the space between fantasy and reality, and how this dialogue can be combined with Marimekko’s inclusive and functionalistic design approach. The collection includes prints by Finnish designer icons, such as Oiva Toikka, Maija Isola and Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi, and creates an interesting interplay with more recent prints by Aino-Maija Metsola, Maija Louekari and Sanna Annukka.

The first home collection arrivals in late summer are perfect for keeping cosy on the veranda and slowly getting in the mood for fall. The collection includes soft tones of brown, grey and blue, and it includes interesting textures, such as elegant and warm wool blankets as well as woven and fake fur cushions. The collections also includes new additions to the ceramic Oiva tableware’s Siirtolapuutarha (‘city garden) range.

The winter arrivals, starting from mid fall, introduce surprising juxtapositions and interesting ideas for dressing the home for the winter months, for festive moments as well as relaxed evenings spent with family and friends. The collection features warm of reds, greys and greens with a splash of pink. It combines iconic prints by Katsuji Wakisaka and Maija Isola with new, charming prints by Sanna Annukka.

The collection also introduces novelties for festive table settings. New candle holders by Sami Ruotsalainen, bring warm light to dark winter days. The new serving dish, also designed by Ruotsalainen, features an elegant, removable leather handle. Vases, designed by Carina Seth Andersson, will be seen in new seasonal colours that complement festive tables.

The fall/winter home collection from Marimekko will be available online soon. 



Interior brand Fest was born out of a desire from founder Femke Furnee to purchase pretty but affordable interior items. After she did not find what she was looking for in the market, she decided to design it herself. The Fest collection consists of furniture and home decoration items, with a simple design, but made out of beautiful materials and stunning colours. When we walked by their Amsterdam store on the van Woustraat in Amsterdam the first time, we were immediately struck by the clean minimalistic layout of the store. The beauty of all furniture items is that they can be tailored to your individual style and taste. 

For more information, check out www.fest-amsterdam.com

STYLE • Family Friendly Boutique Accomodation

Photography by KID & COE

Nursery in Amsterdam

Nursery in Amsterdam

Us parents are all too familiar with the challenges of travelling with young children. Not only is it often hard to find stylish accommodation that is suitable for families, getting to a holiday destination dragging half your household with you can put you off the experience for years. 

KID & COE founder Zoie Kinsbury Coe spotted this problem and understood there was a need in the market from jet setting young parents to make their family travel more stylish, more efficient and just generally more pleasant. KID & COE is an Airbnb community for families, which gives parents the opportunity to browse many beautiful properties owned by other families from all over the world. All homes are equipped with toys, books, cots and other facilities that you do not really want to take on the plane. PLUS, the homes are stunning and stylish! Have a look at some of the properties featured on KID & COE below.

Very recently, KID & COE has introduced a new house exchange concept, where members can swap their homes with other members.  Ideal for reducing holiday costs.

For more information and to start dreaming about your next family trip, check www.kidandcoe.com

Stunning kitchen in West London

Stunning kitchen in West London

Town House in Pézenas, Southwest France

Town House in Pézenas, Southwest France

Chalet in Zermatt, Swiss Alps

Chalet in Zermatt, Swiss Alps


Photography by Monoqi

MONOQI_Lamp by Enrico Zanolla_211GBP_Copyright_MONOQI.com.jpg

What happens when you put together two smart Germans; a venture capitalist and a designer with an eye for fabulous interior? You get MONOQI, a Berlin-based company, which collects limited edition design products from all over the world and makes them available for a short time to members of the MONOQI community. The company was founded in 2012 by Simon Fabich and Felix Schlegel and now operates with about 130 employees worldwide. Just like their company, their customer base continues to grow.

The products featured on MONOQI'S website really do stand out and are mainly produced by new upcoming start-up companies from all over Europe. From innovative furniture pieces to art objects to the newest smartest gadgets. Plus if you are looking for an original gift, Monoqi is also te your go-to website. 

For more information and tons of inspiration, have a look at www.monoqi.com

ORGANISING • The Art of Decluttering

Photography by FEST AMSTERDAM

Photography by Bloomingville

The key to a beautiful home is a smart organising strategy. You can buy the most stylish furniture and exquisite art, but if you fill your home with clutter, the added value of all that decorating can quickly diminish. In addition to making your home look pretty and bringing your interior to life, decluttering also means you generally waste a lot less time finding stuff or getting dressed in the morning. Organising and being very tidy is not something that comes very naturally to me. My mother is a declutter queen and I have always believed I created some sort of aversion towards tidying up because of that. However, as with everything your parents tell you when you were younger, you only start realising the real meaning behind it when you are older. In fact, my mum could have written a New York Times bestseller, since her style of home organising has a lot in common with my new Japanese declutter guru and internationally recognised author Marie Kondo. Her so called KonMari method adopts some of the common decluttering techniques like sorting your clothes by colour and length, having a fixed place for everything and using smart storage solutions. What makes her method different from others is that Marie does not see tidying up and decluttering as a one-off project, but she wants you to integrate her method into your lifestyle and make it sustainable. So forget about spring cleaning – the key is not to fall back into the habit of cluttering up.

Here are CF's top 5 rules for the art of decluttering:


When you look around in your home, wardrobe, bookshelves or cabinets, you can most likely find many nice things, but how many of those things do you really love? Marie Kondo defines that feeling as ‘sparkling joy’. For me, it’s that cashmere sweater I keep wearing over and over again, those leather loafers that are comfortable and look great with every outfit I own, that body oil that smells amazing all day long and that little coffee table I use when I drink a cup of tea in the evening to wind down from a busy day. I can go on. The ultimate goal is not to hold on to things because they were expensive or because you think you might wear them again one day or because someone else loves them. Your stuff should make you happy and as an added benefit, you will start treating it better. One tip related to this philosophy is not to get hung up on sales. Sales are the number one trap for making you buy things that might be cheap, but which you really do not need. Better spend £400 on a bag you love than £40 on one that you buy for the wrong reasons. 


One of the most common mistakes made when organising is not to make a accurate judgement about the extent to which your . You can be more efficient by adopting smart and efficient storage methods, but if in the end you have more stuff than space, your home will always remain messy because some of your redundant items will not have their fixed spot and thus will inevitably be cluttering certain areas. 


One of the smart storing techniques from Marie Kondo I did take over, which has been widely promoted and praised on interior sites and blogs, is her folding method. It is simple, easy to execute and efficient. And it is all about how to fold your stuff neatly. Your storage spaces will give you a quick overview of your stuff and the method is sustainable because the drawer or shelve where the items are placed remains neat as you are using items. 

Have a look at Gwyneth Paltrow's illustrated videos of Marie's folding techniques here to start organising.


True, there are certain sentimental items which you cannot replace and will only grow in value as time goes by. However, do not go overboard when it comes to keeping cards from old friends, rests of DIY projects you think may come in handy in the future while actually they will be in that same box for the next 3 years or clothing that was given to you by a special someone by actually does not fit anymore. Keep the really important stuff and get rid of everything else.  

BRAND FEATURE • Cooee Design


Swedish-born Catrine Åberg is the creative force behind lifestyle brand COOEE design, known for its iconic handmade ceramic ball vases and chic Scandinavian objects for the home. The COOEE design collection also features a selection of very pretty jewellery pieces. All products are made in the south of Sweden. We instantly fell in love with their minimalistic design and elegance. Look no further if you are looking to style your home with some unique natural looking Scandinavian accents. 


Click here for the iconic ball vase on Casa Fumetti as well as other unique brands.

Photo by Riikka Kantinkoski for COOEE Design

HOUSE TOUR • Luxury Moroccan Villa

Photography by KID & COE

Designed by architect Charles Boccara, this traditional Moroccan coloured villa is set in gardens with views of the Atlas Mountains, 25 minutes by car from the busy streets of Marrakesh in the Palmerie area of the city in the vicinity of golf courses, spas, water parks, camel rides and quad biking. 

What makes this villa so beautiful are the traditional Moroccan tiles on the floor and bright local textiles along with great wood panelled doors and Moroccan arched doors. There is also a spacious garden with lawns, shaded areas and an attractively fenced pool.  

There is an elegant sitting room, outdoor seating and dining areas, a dining room seating up to 8, a hammam and a series of outdoor lounges. What else do you need for a relaxing family getaway?

The best part is that you can rent this villa from £170 per night on family friendly boutique holiday stays provider Kid & Coe.

HOUSE TOUR • Casa Fumetti London Chapter

Photography by CASA FUMETTI

Welcome to the actual Casa Fumetti, home of founder of CF Anne von Fumetti. The residence is in Little Venice, part of Maida Vale, a residential neighbourhood in west London known for its Edwardian era mansions and tree-lined streets. The area’s canals are lined with houseboats and gondolas and there are lovely walks to be had beside them. 

The apartment is light, modern and with a love of contemporary art and design. All rooms are tastefully decorated in a contemporary style with unique art pieces and furnishings collected from various places the owners have lived around the world. They love to combine modern with antique pieces. We love the white walls, high ceilings and accent colors. The nursery has a beautiful wall decal of a tree and birds. 

HOUSE TOUR • Brook Green Residence

Photography by KID & COE

This recently renovated family home is part of the KID & COE collection. It is a large, bright and airy contemporary home in West London with plenty of unique interior design details. We were not surprised to learn that its owner is founder of lifestyle webshop Bodie and Fou, given the attention to detail and style with which the home has been decorated. The white walls give it an airy and spacious feeling, while bringing out the best in the soft furnishings and accessories. 

HOTEL TOUR • Peacock Pavillons

Photography by Peacock Pavillons, Natalie Opocensky and Vik M Photography


The story of the M. Montague and the Peacock Pavillons retreat is inspiring, to say the least. What started as a travel and design blog, grew into what now can be defined as a lifestyle brand. Founder Maryam Montague combined her passions for travel, design, hospitality and humanitarian aid and brought them all together in a fine estate outside of Marrakesh. There is the boutique hotel Peacock Pavillons; Marrakech's leading location for retreats, which can include yoga, pilates, meditation, dance, photography, sculpture, jewellery making, styling, textile-making, drawing/painting, life coaching, business masterminds, and much more. The hotel is set in an old olive grove and decorated in beautiful traditional Moroccan style.

And then there is M.Montague Souk, which sells tribal-chic design products. M.Montague products are thoughtfully curated from tribal communities around the world, including Morocco, Mali, Ethiopia and Southeast Asia. All products support understanding and appreciation of ethnic goods and proceeds of every purchase in the souk are contributed to Project Soar, a local community project set up by Maryam and her husband to provide arts education. What is not to admire?

For more information, visit www.peacockpavilions.com